Randy Harrison handled the sale of my private dental office in 2013.   He was extremely professional and thorough with the entire process and made the transition go smoothly.   From the practice appraisal to getting me in touch with other practice professionals to handle specifics, to even answering questions and offering advice many years after the sale was complete, Randy has always been attentive and available.   Selling a practice can be a tough, personal challenge, and Randy has always been compassionate and understanding and super knowledgeable.   I would highly recommend Randy Harrison to assist with transitioning a dental practice, whether it involves selling it or obtaining associates.   He is honest, professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and well connected in the dental community.

Dr. David Carneiro, DMD, Astoria, OR


I have known Randy Harrison, both personally and professionally, for close to three decades.  Over the course of my career, I have transitioned in and out of several practices and, without a doubt, the transitions that Randy was involved with went smoother and involved fewer surprises.  I trust Randy’s experience, expertise and insight in practice evaluation, negotiation and transition.  I would work with him again in a second!

Dr. Darin M. Dichter, DMD, Beaverton, OR


Dear Randy,

Just a note to let you know how much I am enjoying my newly acquired retirement, thanks in large part to your role in the timely and both sided successful outcome, selling my dental practice and my building.  Your honesty and integrity stood out above even your expertise in every aspect of the transition.  Selling a dental practice can be scary, stressful and even out right risky.  It takes guidance and experiential knowledge, not unlike needing a dental specialist I would refer and trust my patients with.  I am so glad I had you to give me the assurances along the way that everything was being done right, while I was able to just continue being the dentist I needed to be.

I am forever grateful,

Dr. David H. Eichman, DDS, Roseburg, OR


I have had the distinct advantage of working on both sides of a dental practice transition with Randy Harrison representing the buy and later me as the seller.  I have found Randy to a fair straight shooter who wants to see both sides of the dental practice transition be as smooth as possible.  He has a wealth of knowledge to help avoid pitfalls that others might overlook.  As a general dentist the purchase of your first dental practice will likely be one of the biggest yet most rewarding purchase of your career.  I am now practicing in my second practice and have learn that it is wise to have a broker represent your interest no matter whether you are the seller or the buyer.  You can rest assured that with Mr. Harrison in your corner you will be setting yourself up for the best chance of success.

Dr. Shane Ellsworth, DMD, McMinnville, OR


Randy Harrison with Professional Practice Specialists was my first and only choice to help me appraise, market and sell my OMS practice in Eugene, OR. I found him to be qualified, experienced and personable in the process, and highly recommend him for those services.

Dr. Gerald A. Harper, DDS, Eugene, OR


It is with great pleasure that I write this testimonial on behalf of Randy Harrison, an outstanding Practice Broker.  Honestly, without Randy, I would not have been able to retire in a timely fashion.  When I was ready to sell my practice, Randy, in a very professional and discreet fashion, found the ideal successor in six weeks!  I could not have imagined such a smooth and stress free transition!  Thanks to Randy’s expertise, potential hurdles, pitfalls, etc., were all avoided, for both seller and buyer.  Randy is a pleasure to work with due to his being personable, reliable and having a good sense of humor.  He assisted me in two practice transitions and I would not hesitate using him again if need be, though I am currently very happily retired!

Dr. Gregory L Hartman, DMD, Hillsboro, OR


I enlisted the services of Randy Harrison to sell my practice in Hillsboro, Oregon in late 2019. He was the practice broker when I purchased the practice in 2010 and was very happy with his services at that time. He set up potential buyers and I had immediate interest in my practice. The sale of my practice landed in the middle of the COVID-19 saga which delayed the sale a few months. Randy went above and beyond preparing reports for the buyer and working with the lender to get the sale closed over that extended period. I would absolutely recommend Randy Harrison and Professional Practice Specialists for purchase or sale of your practice.

Dr. Devin J. Jenkins, DMD, Hillsboro, OR


Dear Randy,

You have always been so helpful to me and given me great advice about how to manage my office.  We’ve been through 3 practice sales together and all 3 went smoothly without a hitch!  I’m a very satisfied customer.

Dr. Ruth G. Kosmalski, DDS, Portland, OR


I think it is appropriate to speak up about someone or something good. Randy Harrison has given me honest and very useful advice many times. When I followed that advice, things always worked out great. People reading this note need to know that. Randy should be the first choice for anyone needing help with anything regarding dental issues.

Dr. John Mckim, DMD, Eugene, OR


I was ready to sell my practice and retire when I initially got in touch with Randy at Professional Practice Specialists.  Since I had never sold a practice before, I knew that I was going to need a lot of help from an experienced broker.  Being in dentistry for 37 years, I realize that experience in any field of work is invaluable.  There were so many nuances in the sale of my dental office that would have escaped the inexperienced (me) and resulted in a no-sale.  Randy’s over 25 years of experience helped me to successfully sell my practice.  It was a pleasure to work with Randy in that I always felt like he was up front with me, honest and professional.  Things got hectic and sometimes stressful with the sale and he would tell me to call him anytime with any questions.  I actually called Randy multiple times during the day and evening and he’d almost always pick up and if he couldn’t, he’d return my call on short order.  His responsiveness gave me a lot of security during such a huge life transition.  I would highly recommend Professional Practice Specialists and Randy Harrison to help you with your practice transition.

Dr. Leesa Miyasato, DDS, Kamuela, HI


I worked with Randy and Professional Practice Specialists team when I sold my dental practice in Seattle, WA and I could not be any happier with the entire process.  From the initial intake and data collection, to the quality potential buyers he put in front of me, I was overwhelmed by the level of attention to detail and hands on customer service I received by PPS.  In short, if you are considering a practice acquisition or sale in the Pacific Northwest, PPS is definitely the best practice brokerage to consult with in this highly competitive market.

Dr. Matt J. Pavlovich, DDS, Seattle, WA


Randy Harrison was extremely helpful in all aspects of transitioning and smooth sale of my specialty dental practice.  He is very knowledgeable regarding marketing, sales, and has excellent contacts with regards to financing, which in my case made the entire process and paperwork straightforward and manageable.  He is a highly qualified professional with many years of experience in dental practice transitions.  I highly recommend Randy Harrison of Professional Practice Specialists.

Dr. David K. Soder, DDS, Roseburg, OR


Through the uncertainties and challenges of the covid pandemic in 2020, Randy Harrison guided me through the sale of my western Washington dental practice.  He was my welcome and knowledgeable intermediary to the purchasing dentist.  He acted as educator, expediter, contract advisor, bank intermediary and facilitator throughout the sale and closing process.  He kept appraised of the financial and legal necessities.  Randy Harrison always responded promptly to me and my purchaser’s inquiries and concerns.  I believe that he worked for a fair and equitable contract with the new dentist.

I strongly recommend Randy Harrison to you.

Dr. Edward R. Tierney, DMD, Sequim, WA


Randy helped me sell my orthodontic practice in 2015.  While I don’t think it is possible for any transition to be stress-free, my office manager and I found Randy easy to work with while keeping the inherent stress to a minimum.  He was always professional and accessible. and I found his appraisal to be thorough and reasonable.  One of the things I greatly appreciated about Randy’s approach was that he recognized the appraised value should be fair to the seller AND workable for the buyer.  Randy also has trusted lending sources that helped the buyer obtain the loan and financing needed.  Since the sale/transition, I continue to keep in contact with him and consider him to be a friend of my family.

Very Sincerely,

Dr. Thomas W. Utt, DDS, Walla Walla, WA

LTC (Ret), US Army