Welcome to Professional Practice Specialists

We have been proudly serving the dental community throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1990.

At Professional Practice Specialists, we go far beyond just finding buyers and presenting offers.  We work hand in hand with our clients to guide them through every step of the process, while working to protect their interests and preserve the developing relationship between buyer and seller.  We take a hands-on approach to practice transitions to achieve superior results for our clients.  From valuing your practice, to developing an appropriate marketing strategy, to negotiating the deal, to coordinating the smooth transition of the staff and patients, nobody works harder to sell your practice than we do!  Please note, we are not a “dual representation” firm.  We do not represent both buyers and sellers in the same transaction and we take our fiduciary responsibility to our clients very seriously.  And, although we represent you exclusively, we work closely with purchasers to help them obtain optimal financing and find competent advisors, resulting in a Win/Win scenario for both parties.  We understand that selling your practice is an important step in your life, both personally and professionally.  We are happy to meet with you confidentially, answer all of your questions, and help you explore the transition options that are appropriate for you.  Come see how the right broker can make all the difference!